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Regional Fuel Tax Rebates

If you or your business purchase fuel within the Auckland region, Fuel Rebates Ltd can help you claim a regional fuel tax rebate.

Excise Duty Refunds

If you or your business purchase fuel nationwide for off-road machinery or vehicles, Fuel Rebates can help you claim your excise duty rebate.

Fuel Rebates Ltd gets the job done promptly, putting cash back into your pocket!

Do you use any petrol in your business that is not used exclusively on a public road? For example farm bikes and quads, side by sides or unregistered farm-style four wheel drive vehicles.

Do you have petrol powered pumps, mowers, chainsaws or use petrol generators, air compressors or forklifts or maybe you have hydra Ladders or multi lifts that use petrol?

Who Can Get Refunds and How?

Excise duty is a charge imposed by the New Zealand government on certain products sourced from overseas and some products produced within New Zealand.

In some cases, NZTA can offer refunds of excise duty.

Who’s entitled to a refund?

You’re entitled to a refund of the excise duty and the goods and services tax (GST) charged on motor spirits that’s used:

  • as fuel in an exempted vehicle
  • as fuel in a road user charges-licensed vehicle
  • as fuel in a commercial vessel
  • for search and rescue purposes in a dedicated rescue vessel
  • for commercial purposes other than as fuel in any motor vehicle, vessel, or aircraft.

NZ Farm Source
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We will allocate an agent from your area to visit you. Once on site they will collate a full report for the claims application to New Zealand Transport Agency.This includes a fuel usage report and while they are on site they will list all the relevant petrol using assets and take notes on farm size, contour, staff numbers etc. We gather all the information that NZTA require for the claim.

As soon as we receive the agents completed application forms at Fuel Rebates Ltd. We collate the fuel receipts, estimate the return and prepare the claim for presentation to New Zealand Transport Agency.

The completed claim is sent by courier and submitted to NZTA for approval, this will contain copies of all your receipts, a report of your fuel use over the preceding 24 months and what machinery your fuel went into during the period of your claim. Upon NZTA processing your claim they will allocate a customer number for you.

As soon as Fuel Rebates are notified of the claim being paid out the Fund Trustees then pays your rebate directly into your bank account. This is usually within 24 hours of the NZTA payment to the Trust Fund.

Note: We do not withhold funds till the next 20th as is the case with some companies. The rebate is yours, and we want your money in your account as soon as is possible.

Note: THERE ARE NO CONTRACTS. Fuel Rebates does not hold you into a contract. There are NO break fees and NO time constraints or limitsimposed on the litres used.